See you later, alligator.

After a while, crocodile.

Adios, albatross or rhinoceros.
Right on, python.
Move on, chameleon.
Gotta scat, fancy rat or fruitbat or wildcat or tiger cat.
Neato, mosquito.
See you there or take care, polar bear.
See you soon, baboon or
By the light of the moon, raccoon.
Show me out, rainbow trout.
I am out, brown trout. Give a hug or here’s a hug, ladybug.
Toodle-dee-doo or toodle-oo or cuddle you too or nice to see you, kangaroo.
Gotta pee, bumble bee.
Can’t stay, blue jay.
Let’s flap, blackcap.
Time to go or gotta go, buffalo.
Cheerio, hippo.
So long, dugong.
Hit the road, cane toad or lucky toad.
Hit the trail, tiger snail.
Mind your tail, nightingale.
Time to sail or time to bale, blue whale.
Out the door, dinosaur.
Hang loose, mongoose.
Stay sweet, parakeet.
Never fear, reindeer.
Bye-bye, butterfly or dragon fly.
Come again, house wren or white-headed wren and so on.
Too late, rattle-snake.
Howdy, donkey.
Let’s chat, hornet.
Kick it, cricket.


Off the record

Hasta mañana, piranha. (not English)
Mañana, iguana. (not English)
Sayonara, capybara. (not English)
Must be off, my little moth.
Good luck, rubber duck. (not an animal)
Gotta flee, you handsome bee! (for Beatrice)
Hasta la vista mantis sista! (for Irene)
Toodles, poodles. (plural)
Adios, hippos. (plural)
You hang loose, mother goose!
The end is near, fawny deer.
Thumbs up, little pup.
In the morn’, unicorn.

Not sure

Hi there, polar bear. (we already got “see you there”)
Long time no see, chimpanzee. (so far the only “hello”)

Without rhyme yet


Stay safe, …
Stay in touch, …
I’ll call’ya, …
Holla back, …
Don’t be a stranger, …
Hasta la vista, …
Still here, …


…, guinea pig.
…, steelhead.


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